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5 Reasons to Care


The First Company

Medical Cyber Protection (Safalta LLC) was created in 2010, as a global company with offices in Los Angeles, and the Philippines. Our mission was to help solve the problem of reliable Technical Support. 



Offer simplifed cyber security, maintenance & compliance for health care professionals.



To protect all medical professionals, staff and the patients from data breaches. 



To work cohesively with IT professionals to ensure the highest level of protection from all potential HIPAA violations. 



With the trend of hacks and breaches increasing we have identified a gap in the Medical Professionals as it pertains to cyber security. Medical Cyber Protection is intended to fill that gap and has come up with a simple solution that assesses your network resulting in a detailed analysis of where the vulnerabilities lie within your network, and how we need to address them. We then use our protection hardware and software to filter and clean all your traffic in and out of your environment. The data all remains local assuring that none of your patient's information is stored, or backed up anywhere online. All your data stays our device that sits in front and behind your firewall. 

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